Of Mirwen and Fayah

After years away, Mirwen Aldtaur returned home to Darkmoon vale in hopes to take down the corruption that plagues it. When she arrived in Olfden, she went to the temple of Sarenrae to speak with High Priest Lissel about her mission. Lissel sent her into the sewers to retrieve a holy relic. When she returned with it and proved her worth, Lissel brought Mirwen to Luna Aldred and Karlae Siegfrost . The two retired pathfinders counseled Mirwen on how she can best aid the vale.

They pointed her to Falcon’s Hollow, to make contact with Vylari and help her efforts. Luna voiced her distrust of Vylari, stating that she knew little of her and her intentions. Karlae, however, assured Mirwen that Lady Vylari’s intentions were aligned with their own.

So Mirwen went to Falcon’s Hollow and found Lady Vylari. There, Vylari, Mirwen, and Marra gathered intelligence on the Lumber Consortium, and foiled a plot to sell timber to Cheliax. During the foiling, however, they faced Amelisce, who got away. Of course, there wasn’t enough evidence for the eagle knights to bring a formal charge, but Ingrid Odeber was able to destroy the means by which the consortium plotted, preventing it from happening again.

When people were disappearing in relation to Brookman’s well, Vylari sent Mirwen to investigate. In the well’s cold waters she followed a nixie through a portal into the elemental plain of water, where she became hopelessly trapped. Moments before an aboleth swallowed her whole, she was saved by a cetaceal agathion named Myr.

Myr led her to a portal to the material plane, but it was not the same one, and Mirwen found herself in a strange grotto far from home. The grotto was filled with many dangers, but Mirwen fought her way through. She then found herself in a forest. Not knowing where to go, Mirwen wandered, until she was captured by Aurore Kaisera, who brought her to her leaders in the Fangwatch. They also had captured Fayah wandering the Arthfell forest. Convinced they were no threat, the Fangwatch let them go.

The two journeyed south to Olfden. Along the way, they rescued some loggers and escorted them home. In Olfden, they met Vylari, who was there for the night printing election fliers. Fayah soon realized Ilvaria’s identity, having read volume 1 of her biography over and over.

They all returned to the hollow the following night together. There they gathered more intelligence. They learned that Kreed was being enchanted by a succubus named Sarienne. She had him getting specially cut pieces of wood, hauling them out to the middle of Darkwood, where she instructed him to build an effigy to Rovagug.

While the party entered Marylebone manor, Mirwen, Fayah, and Ezzereth bravely fought the succubus and burned the effigy. It was a hard and close fight, but they forced Sarienne to flee the material plane. Before she did, however, she activated an amulet that was on Fayah’s person. It was an amulet Fayah bought in the darklands years before because it reminded her of her favorite story. The amulet, which Sarienne gave to Loscivia all those years ago, began to burn. Within an hour, the amulet exploded, and Mordrin was unleashed.

Of Mirwen and Fayah

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