Revenge of the Kobold King, part 2

Battle of the Lumber Yard

Through sheer grit the party fought their way out of the ambush. Depnaakra seemed to escape, until the party spotted him in the mess hall with 10 kobold zombies. The party them set fire to every building with kobolds or infestations in it. They had found a barely-living lumberjack tied to the look-out tower, but it was trapped and collapsed when Elra stood on it, killing the lone survivor. Vic used “speak with the dead” to learn from the dead lumberjack that the kobolds came and slaughtered most but took some survivors west, while some stayed behind to set up an ambush.

As the lumber camp smoldered, Pay-day and his goons arrived, covered in blood from an encounter they had with a young forest dragon. Butch taunted him, and bluffed them into going the wrong way to find the survivors.

So they party tracked the prisoners west to some Azlant ruins in Cold Marrow. There, they had to cleverly get past a cursed Azlanti seal and avoid a couple shadows. They realized that even if they get the hostages out, they may be cursed.


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