Home, part 3

Purging the spirit.

After Sneed scouted out the festering spirit of madame Portrance, the party devised a plan of attack. While Glynis purged the spirit from Marylebone manor, the party fought and defeated the festering spirit. With the house cleansed and its treasures plundered, the party carried an unconscious Glynis back to her house.

At Glynis’ cottage Alice was able to revive her. Outside the cottage, the party heard the screams of a trapped roc near the treeline. Wild men from the hills and trapped a young roc and were preparing to cook and eat it. The party put their foot down, Butch body slammed some hillbillies while Vic convinced the rest he was gonna eat them, and Sneed cut the roc loose. Sneed and the roc bonded and everyone returned to town to get healed and rest.

The next morning, Vylari came to the party to inform them of all of Mirwen and Fayah’s progress. She also offered each member a boon. Butch refused while the others accepted, but Vylari gave Butch a copy of Eternity Queen volume 2.


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