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Hollow's Last Hope

2 days ago, there were about a dozen cases of blackscour taint reported to the temple of Iomedae. Yesterday, about 2 dozen cases and 4 deaths from it. Today there are over 30 residents with the plague seeking help at the overrun temple of Iomedae. Nothing seems to be working. Even potent divine and arcane magic is having no affect. Lady Cirthana who leads the temple has her adepts working to make the inflicted comfortable, but aside from that and some desperate prayers for help, there seems to be nothing giving hope to the already beaten town of Falcon’s Hollow.

Blackscour, Part 1
The Arrival

On a long coach ride to Falcon’s Hollow, Victor and Elra met Iris. Butch and Sneed learned of an owlbear attacking traveler’s on a road in the North.

Luna Aldred informed the Elra, Iris and Victor of the mandatory election of a mayor in 30 days.

Sheriff Baleson and Iris investigated the burnt corpse of a middle-aged human male that washed ashore, oddly preserved.

The party agreed to help find the ingredients for the blackscour plague remedy; 1 portion elderwood moss, 1 portion pickled rat’s tail, 7 portions ironbloom mushrooms.

Elra and Iris met Laurel who runs the Root & Remedy apothecary, who was a bit rude. Iris seemed bothered by some of her wares.

Victor made fast friends with Sneed and Butch over some poor monastery ale. Marra forgave Butch’s debt and flirted with him.

The party met up at the tavern and agreed to take on the owlbear and the plague. Marra suggested they first stop at the Red Witch’s cottage on the way out of town.

As the party made their way to the cottage, they were followed out of town by a young girl with red hair.

Olfden Sewers
Mirwen's Adventure

High Priest Lissel sent Mirwen into the sewers in search of a missing relic, Sarenrae’s Beacon of True Faith.


Upon completing this task she had a meeting with Karlae Siegfrost and Luna Aldred. During the meeting they discussed the current problems the vale is facing, and what they are doing about them. Mirwen was then sent to Falcon’s Hollow to assist in these efforts.

Blackscour, Part 2
Beauty and the Beast

A villager informed the party that Glynis was banned by the village per Lady Cirthana, but that many villagers trust her over anyone else for healing.

The party me Glynis at her hut. Glynis talked about her mistrust of Laurel, her love of Sherrif Baleson, and her trust of Lady Cirthana, despite the cleric banning her from Falcon’s Hollow.

Party agreed to let Glynis join them in exchange for magic items; wand of elarge person, 2x cure light wounds potion, 2x cure moderate wounds potion, 1x bear’s endurance potion, 1x stoneskin potion.

A 16 hour hike on the road North-East brought the party to the sight of the owlbear’s attacks. Butch used his often misunderstood charm to calm a nervous Iris.

In what some would argue an overly complicated plan, the Knuckledrum brothers prepaired a trap for the feasting owlbear involving a bear trap, an extremely volatile goblin skull bomb, 50 feet of rope, and the ability of Butch to remain hidden like a snake in tall grass. ‘Twas the latter of these ingredients that was missing from this recipe for owlbear demise, as Butch’s gut oozing out from poor-fitting armor betrayed his position.

But chaos did not ensue, between some well placed spells and a expertly delivered scorpion-style kick by one enlarged Butch brought the beast to it’s knees in 3 rounds.

XP was awarded and wounds were healed.

Blackscour, Part 3
Bugs, Plants & Cauldrons

The party met Vylari and Deston on the road. Vylari was very cordial, but Deston was rude and cowardly. After applying a poison to the party’s weapons, Iris left with Vylari and Deston.

A centipede was smashed.

2 assassin vines were pulled like weeds.

The party found Ulizimila’s hut, where strange wards encircled it. Inside an animated cauldron protected her long abandoned possessions.

In the hut, the party found the Soulspeaker, a morbid necklace which spoke the message: The Hollow has stood for too long. Its time is up.

A panicked Glynis left for Falcon’s Hollow.

Blackscour, Part 4
Elder Wood

The party fought their way through numerous forest creatures until they came across Tablic and Kiren of the Greenfire Circle. The two druids led them to the eldest tree in the woods where they harvested elderwood moss.

Kiren then agreed to accompany them to the ruins of a dwarven monastery to retrieve the ironbloom mushrooms, the last ingredient in the cure for the blackscour plague.

The party also met a fey called a grig, upon whom they made a good impression.

Blackscour part 5
Droskar's Crucible


The party entered Droskar’s crucible.

They explored the courtyard and found the remains of an adventuring party but no specific details of their demise. Also found a tunnel at the base of the well.

They discovered several reptilian tracks going in and out of the ruins.

Found an altar to Torag with 5 empty gem-shaped slots. Also acquired 2 dwarven artifacts, silver light hammer with holy symbol of Droskar and tome of “Hymns to Torag.”

Blackscour, Last Chapter

The part encountered Greypelt, alongside a dire wolf and 2 kobolds. They managed to defeat him, and he fled into the mountains via underground tunnels, which surface at Droskar’s Crucible.

Victor acquired an ancient dwarven prayer book, and scrawled inside the cover “Torag is no longer worthy of our devotion, only Droskar can deliver us from the failings of King Garbold.” Local dwarven historian and accomplished drunk Butch Knuckledrum is unfamiliar with King Garbold.

Also found was 1 of the 5 gemstones from Torag’s altar. When placed in its slot, the gem glowed and a wave of positive energy burst forth from the altar.

The party met Gurtlekep, who told them that Greypelt was on loan from the Shadow Pack, to train forest creatures to be war beasts for King Merlokrep’s army.

Victor Ghash Personal Quest part 1
Journey to Adamas

Once the party got back to the Hollow, Vic continued SouthWest to Fort Adamas on a personal quest.

During the day-long journey, he passed several waning farmsteads.

Once at the fort he ran into Tablic, who recognized Vic from Darkmoon Wood 2 days earlier. Tablic was kind to Vic, and got him an audience with Commander Odeber herself.

The Diamond regiment commander had a lot to tell Vic concerning his personal quest, but she also had information to share with him concerning the upcoming election of mayoral office in Falcon’s Hollow. Namely, she expressed concern over Laurel running and the lumber consortium backing her campaign. Odeber said that the consortium wouldn’t back anyone they don’t have in their pocket.

In light of this, Odeber and Tablic suggest a candidate they believe not only to be in the Hollow’s best interest, but someone they believe can win; Lady Vylari.They haven’t talked to her yet, but they were hoping that with Vic and his party’s help they can convince her to run. Odeber believes that the “support of those who cured blackscour will go a long way.”


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