Zura's Altar
A Contest, a Gateway, a Gifted Man

Vylari hosts the contest to destroy the ancient Azlanti altar in Cold Marrow. Many adventurers, engineers, and other folks looking to get the reward showed up and gave it their best. Butch had spent the entire night before empowering his gloves using forbidden knowledge from Iris’ books, but he fell asleep and missed most of the contest. When the casters had finally put a dent in it, Butch came riding in on Sneed’s roc, and leapt, fist first, breaking the altar.

The instant Butch made contact with the altar, Elra was suddenly in a hellscape, surround by fiend and demon lords alike standing in a circle. In the center of the circle was an translucent red egg, and inside the silhouette of an elven woman can be seen. Elra was then approached by the Gifted Man, who said “she’s nearly ready.” He placed his hand on her shoulder and it burned her.

In an instant she was back at the altar, her shoulder burnt and scarred. Butch is now in a coma.

The Pallid Plague

The Wings of Vengeance were tasked with stopping a plague that was effecting local fey, in order to keep peace with Synistra’s court. What they uncovered, however, was a plot from the local worshippers of Urgathoa, known as the Fiendblood Covenant, to spread the plague throughout Falcon’s Hollow. While they did foil the cult’s plans, the Wings were unable to flush out the cult’s leadership.

March of the Dead

Upon returning from a trip to the capital with Vylari, where the party received a writ of agency and a writ of trade from the current head of the Eagle Knights, the party was faced with multiple waves of undead attacking Falcon’s Hollow.

Once the onslaught was repelled, the Wings of Vengeance accompanied the local gravedigger out to the graveyard to investigate the massive raising of dead bodies. They followed the trail out to Cold Marrow, where the dead gathered above the ruins of the Azlanti temple where they defeated Merlokrep and rescued the lumberjacks.

The wings defeated a small army of undead lead by the necromancer Drazmorg.

Revenge of the Kobold King, part 3
The King's Demise

While the party made their way into the Azlanti ruins, they quickly slaughtered every monster they encountered. When they found Merlokrep, they effectively cut him down. On his corpse they found a crude journal, telling his tale of how he was cut down before but a stranger came along and resurrected him, thus he could plot his revenge against the adventuring party.

The party then proceeded to rescue the captives. There were 26 in all, 14 lumberjacks and 12 migrants from Taldor. They managed to rescue every one of them and get them all back to town safely, where the curses from the Azlanti seal were lifted.

When they returned to town, they were greeted with feast and high praise. The party has made quite a name for themselves.

Revenge of the Kobold King, part 2
Battle of the Lumber Yard

Through sheer grit the party fought their way out of the ambush. Depnaakra seemed to escape, until the party spotted him in the mess hall with 10 kobold zombies. The party them set fire to every building with kobolds or infestations in it. They had found a barely-living lumberjack tied to the look-out tower, but it was trapped and collapsed when Elra stood on it, killing the lone survivor. Vic used “speak with the dead” to learn from the dead lumberjack that the kobolds came and slaughtered most but took some survivors west, while some stayed behind to set up an ambush.

As the lumber camp smoldered, Pay-day and his goons arrived, covered in blood from an encounter they had with a young forest dragon. Butch taunted him, and bluffed them into going the wrong way to find the survivors.

So they party tracked the prisoners west to some Azlant ruins in Cold Marrow. There, they had to cleverly get past a cursed Azlanti seal and avoid a couple shadows. They realized that even if they get the hostages out, they may be cursed.

Revenge of the Kobold King, part 1
The Debate

After spending 3 days earning some capital and setting up the new Sitting Duck Brewery, the party attended the town’s first mayoral debate. There, Vylari was winning the crowd until Mutters Kondland, a new cut yard taskmaster, stumbled into town bloody and barely alive. Vic healed him.

Mutters explained that the cut yard was attacked by kobolds and kobold zombies. Vylari then told the crowd that she could protect them better than Kreed can, and she sent the party to stop the attack. Kreed responded waging that no foreigner can protect the town better than he, so he sent Payday and some of his best goons to beat the party to the punch at protecting the cut yard.

The party was in the lead when they encountered a group of wargs and a troll, just a short distance before the cut yard. The party quickly dispatched all but one warg, who fled, saying Greypelt will hear of it.

The party then entered the cut yard, where they were ambushed by 6 zombie kobolds, 3 kobold rangers, a rot grub swarm, and the kobold druid Depnaakra and his 2 giant scorpion minions. Depnaakra told them he would bring them before king Merlokrep, willingly or in pieces if need be. The party chose to fight.

Home, part 3
Purging the spirit.

After Sneed scouted out the festering spirit of madame Portrance, the party devised a plan of attack. While Glynis purged the spirit from Marylebone manor, the party fought and defeated the festering spirit. With the house cleansed and its treasures plundered, the party carried an unconscious Glynis back to her house.

At Glynis’ cottage Alice was able to revive her. Outside the cottage, the party heard the screams of a trapped roc near the treeline. Wild men from the hills and trapped a young roc and were preparing to cook and eat it. The party put their foot down, Butch body slammed some hillbillies while Vic convinced the rest he was gonna eat them, and Sneed cut the roc loose. Sneed and the roc bonded and everyone returned to town to get healed and rest.

The next morning, Vylari came to the party to inform them of all of Mirwen and Fayah’s progress. She also offered each member a boon. Butch refused while the others accepted, but Vylari gave Butch a copy of Eternity Queen volume 2.

The Stories We Tell Our Children, part 1

Ilvaria and Ezzereth brought Mordrin back to Jack’a’napes, while Mirwen and Fayah visited Iris. After wrapping their business with Iris, Vylari came in, and Irirs informed her that the special project was ready for testing.

Both Mirwen and Fayah took the mythic potion and survived. Then Vylari asked Fayah if she would accompany her to follow up with Kreed after she had broke the enchantment he was under the night before.

Mirwen returned to Jack’a’napes where she and Ezzereth gave Mordrin a brief history lesson on Andoran. After that, Mordrin wanted to walk around the Hollow and explore, so Mirwen and Ezzereth escorted her. While in the low market, Mirwen noticed they were being followed by the same man following them since Olfden. Upon mention it to her companions, Mordrin confronted him, making a scene. The man was Yahzu, catfolk monk from Mirwen’s past, looking to taker her back to Tian Xia or kill her honorably. Mirwen chose to face him, and a fight was set for dawn the next day, at the grotto of St. Elth.

At the Lumber Consortium headquarters, Vylari and Fayah questioned Kreed about Sarienne. He didn’t recall anything useful, but was fairly cooperative given his opposition to Vylari in the upcoming election.

Home, part 2
Blood and Whispers

The party entered Marylebone Manor. Inside they found remains of dead children, eaten by human mouths, and other ghastly signs of the home’s horrific past. Once all were inside the place shut itself up, trapping all within. They found a partial journal entry from an adventuring party who feared they wouldn’t make it out, saying “we are in hell” over and over. Then the party was attacked by attic whisperers.

While Butch, Sneed, Vic and the eidolon fought the attic whisperers, Elra and Glynis were lured to the basement. Once inside the basement door shut. One moment they were in total darkness. The next moment they were standing in the low market of the hollow as blood rained down upon them. There were mutilated bodies everywhere. To the north, the mountains were glowing with fire as flaming rocks showered down around them. They heard a woman’s voice singing, and they followed the voice into Jack’a’napes, wherein flayed bodies hung nailed to the walls. Atop the bar counter, a drow sat, singing gleefully, occasionally sipping blood from a skull goblet. Thunder cracked, and they were back in the basement which was filling rapidly with blood. Just as it filled the rest of the group smashed open the hatch and pulled them out.

The attic whisperers left Sneed fatigued, and Butch exhausted. They desperately needed rest, so they slept an hour, then continued upstairs.

Upstairs they found more disturbing clues to the haunt. Vic saw a glimpse of a frightened woman as 5 children were about to murder her. They asked Glynis to open up communication with the haunt. When she did, the haunt told the party it was “invited here long ago by the broken, the frightened, the lost,” and that this place is its home. The haunt then took the form of 3 wights the party dispatched without major losses.

Home, part 1

After learning that some kids were frightened by “ghost children” at the long abandoned Marylebone manor, the party decided they would investigate.

They sought aid from Glynis, who was happy to help. She also had a magical weapon, a +1 Kukri of blood letting she was willing to trade to Butch for some livestock.

Preferring to take the path of greater resistance, Butch chose to fight a farmer for the livestock, get caught cheating, and still lose. Humbled only slightly, Butch bought the livestock, and paid the farmer’s tab at Jack’a’napes.

So at first light the following day, the party and Glynis set out for Marylebone manor. In the front courtyard, they faced 8 Jack’o’lanterns, defeated them without casualty.Jack-orsquo-Lantern.png


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