The Lost Larkos

The party went to sheriff Baleson’s office, wherein they asked Vylari and Deston several questions. Both answered honestly, and the party learned that at least according to Deston, Kreed has been illegally selling lumber to Chelish spies. They also learned that Vylari had invested in the Consortium in hopes to lesson the hostility toward the fey of Darkmoon coming from the Lumber Consortium.

Vic saw Vylari speak to a soaking wet Marra and seem concerned afterward.

After praying to Serenrae, both Vic and Elra got the message to “keep Deston in the light,” so they accommodated and put light in his cell.

Butch followed Marra to her and Vylari’s room. He entered the room, found her naked, and after a couple drinks entered her as well. Author’s note: it was the best he ever had. After Marra fell asleep; author’s note: it was not the best she ever had. Once she fell asleep, Butch snooped through the room and found several notes on Kreed, Teedum, and several other names he did not recognize. He also found a map with several markings on it, including "hellgate?’ and “deep road entrance,” in addition to a list of names, including Kreed’s, with a possible connection to The Gifted Man. He then found the book “A Gifted Man Brings Gifts Galore” and an old book in Elven called “The Eternity Queen,” but when he touched it an alarm spell went off and awoke Marra. She confronted him. Looked under the blanket on the table and saw several exotic weapons before Marra darted him with a magical sleep poison.

As night fell, a glowing green mist emerged from the River Foam. As it crept into the Hollow, so did the screams of innocents. The Larkos family marched as rotten, shambeling Draugr, come to get revenge on creed. Butch awoke to the sound of the screams and came to the party’s aid. The fight took them into the high market where they defeated all the Larkos. Iris took a bad hit but was alive. Sheriff’s deputy Tarbik Splint went down and his condition is currently unknown.

Vic returned to the Tribunal. Deston was up against the bars of his cell wanting to know what happened. Vic started to explain when he noticed that Deston’s light had gone out. Before he can act, a fetchling assassin emerged from the shadows in Deston’s cell, and drove a dagger into his heart. The assassin stepped back into the shadows and vanished.

Evil's Soft First Touches, part 2
The Necromantic Tower


After meeting Vic and Ingrid at Jack’a’napes, the party brought to Vylari‘s attention the town’s need for a good mayoral candidate. Ingrid chimed in and agreed.

Vylari and the party then went to the tower in high town to speak with Sharvaros Vade. In the tower, they discovered a Hungry Flesh ooze and broke out out and devoured Sharvaros’ son.

Eventually they made their way to the top of the tower, in which, Vade’s zombie bride was tethered to the wall. When asked, Vade said he only tried to bring his wife, Amele, back. When Vylari asked him what went wrong, Vade explained that once revived, she couldn’t stop the prophecies, prophecies specifically about “the Gate opening” and “the Hollow burning.”

Vylari approached the corpse. She said “Why are you hiding?” and the corpse jumped to life. In a gurgled voice the zombie said “Hello, Ilvaria! Look at you, still meddling, thinking you can stop it!”
“I will not let the Gate open!” she responded with resolve.
“Just like you wouldn’t let Elam go either” With that, Vylari lost her composure and blasted the head off the zombie.

Butch asked Vade who helped him. Vade replied “I never caught his name, he just gave me the spells and promised I would see her again.”

She helped Vade to his feet and walked him to the stairs. A wraith began to materialize. Vylari shouted that she’s gonna get Vade to safety. Butch decided that was the time to try to read Vade’s spellbook andgot himself cursed.

Realizing their weapons were useless against the incorporeal undead, the party started lighting everything on fire, hoping to expose the wraith to direct sunlight. After about a minute of hot-fire-foolery, Vylari showed up and rescued them. Butch, in a bizarre mixture of bravery and stupidity, decided to leap from the top floor to the second floor and broke his leg.

Once everyone was safely outside the burning tower, Vylari levitated a nearby water tower and dumped it on the flames. Elra then shouted to the onlooking crowd, Vylari for mayor!

Ingrid removed Butch’s curse, while Iris patched him up.

Evil's Soft First Touches, part 1
Enter the Drow

Upon arriving in town, the party saw flyers for Laurel’s run for mayor and wanted posters for a drow and a catfolk. The Lumber Consortium put a bounty of 2,000gp for info on the whereabouts of the drow, 1,000 for the catfolk.

The party brought the ingredients to Glynis, who promptly made a cure. While she did, she told the party of her suspicions that the hag Ulizimila is preparing to make a move against the Hollow. She also told them that she was part of an adventuring party
that slew the kobold king Merlokrep 2 years ago. While on that quest she found one of the missing dwarven altar gems, which she gave to the party.

The party brought the cure to Lady Cirthana of the temple of Iomedae. As promised, she offered them all the temple’s gold as a reward. She also gave them a chest of items. The party generously refused the gold, but took the items.

Then it was off to see Sheriff Baleson and get the reward for the owlbear. He paid them less than promised, even after the Knuckledrum brothers refused, saying “I’m in no one’s pocket.” The sheriff then updated them that 4 burnt corpses had washed ashore, each one disappearing the night after. They also discussed the mayoral election.

The party then went to Jack’a’napes for a well earned drink. Inside, Janice brushed off the drunken advances of Deston. When Janice left, Deston followed. Sensing trouble, the party then went after him. In a dark alley in the pouring rain, a woman cried out for help. The party rounded a corner and saw him with his hand on a woman’s throat and then, darkness. Magical darkness surrounded the area. Elra drew the wand of light and when she dispelled it, they saw the woman, unconscious, and a few feet away stood the drow with a limp, levitating Deston. She gripped him by the ankle, smiled at the party, and levitated onto the nearest rooftop. In an instant she was gone.

They brought the girl who turned out not to be Janice, to Jack’a’napes whereMarra and Baleson took care of her and made a full report.

The next morning, the party received a note from the Velvet Lady, saying to meet her there at 10am, and together they would go speak with Sharvaros Vade, the local necromancer about the strange goings on.

In the meantime, the party went shopping at the Goose’n’Gander. While there, Elra saw Deston stumbling into town and get arrested by the sheriff’s deputies. She went to the Tribunal Hall to inquire further.

Deston was a scared wreck. He claimed that the drow never asked him a single question and in the morning simply let him go. Deston knew that Kreed would not believe this, and kill him for talking. He begged for protection until Baleson locked him up.

Baleson then told Elra about how today was the anniversary of the Larkos family deaths, and a suspicious man might think that the charred bodies were a sign of them returning to exact revenge.

Meanwhile, the Kuckledrum brothers went to the high market with Vylari who got them access. Sneed went to the blacksmith to get his crossbow upgraded, while Butch went to look at books at the Red Maiden Apothecary. There, he overeheard 3 elven phrases in a private conversation between Iris and Vylari. He then found 2 demonic books. The first, in abyssal, a tome of specific demon names and historical encounters with them. The second, a book written in Infernal titled “The Gifted Man Brings Gifts Galore.” The book had a peculiar cover, soft blue with a picture of a beautiful stream with a man standing by it. Inside, all the pages were blank, with the exception of a limerick on the first page:
“His smile fresh as spring as towards him he draws you,
His Tongue sharp and silvery, as he implores you,
Your wishes he grants as he swears to adore you,
Gold, silver, jewels he lays riches before you,
Dues need be repaid and he will come for you,
He’ll snare you in bonds eyes glowing afire
To gore and torment you ’til the stars expire.”
As he read it, Butch felt a great fear come over him. Vylari closed the book and cast a spell putting him at ease.

Victor Ghash Personal Quest part 1
Journey to Adamas

Once the party got back to the Hollow, Vic continued SouthWest to Fort Adamas on a personal quest.

During the day-long journey, he passed several waning farmsteads.

Once at the fort he ran into Tablic, who recognized Vic from Darkmoon Wood 2 days earlier. Tablic was kind to Vic, and got him an audience with Commander Odeber herself.

The Diamond regiment commander had a lot to tell Vic concerning his personal quest, but she also had information to share with him concerning the upcoming election of mayoral office in Falcon’s Hollow. Namely, she expressed concern over Laurel running and the lumber consortium backing her campaign. Odeber said that the consortium wouldn’t back anyone they don’t have in their pocket.

In light of this, Odeber and Tablic suggest a candidate they believe not only to be in the Hollow’s best interest, but someone they believe can win; Lady Vylari.They haven’t talked to her yet, but they were hoping that with Vic and his party’s help they can convince her to run. Odeber believes that the “support of those who cured blackscour will go a long way.”

Blackscour, Last Chapter

The part encountered Greypelt, alongside a dire wolf and 2 kobolds. They managed to defeat him, and he fled into the mountains via underground tunnels, which surface at Droskar’s Crucible.

Victor acquired an ancient dwarven prayer book, and scrawled inside the cover “Torag is no longer worthy of our devotion, only Droskar can deliver us from the failings of King Garbold.” Local dwarven historian and accomplished drunk Butch Knuckledrum is unfamiliar with King Garbold.

Also found was 1 of the 5 gemstones from Torag’s altar. When placed in its slot, the gem glowed and a wave of positive energy burst forth from the altar.

The party met Gurtlekep, who told them that Greypelt was on loan from the Shadow Pack, to train forest creatures to be war beasts for King Merlokrep’s army.

Blackscour part 5
Droskar's Crucible


The party entered Droskar’s crucible.

They explored the courtyard and found the remains of an adventuring party but no specific details of their demise. Also found a tunnel at the base of the well.

They discovered several reptilian tracks going in and out of the ruins.

Found an altar to Torag with 5 empty gem-shaped slots. Also acquired 2 dwarven artifacts, silver light hammer with holy symbol of Droskar and tome of “Hymns to Torag.”

Blackscour, Part 4
Elder Wood

The party fought their way through numerous forest creatures until they came across Tablic and Kiren of the Greenfire Circle. The two druids led them to the eldest tree in the woods where they harvested elderwood moss.

Kiren then agreed to accompany them to the ruins of a dwarven monastery to retrieve the ironbloom mushrooms, the last ingredient in the cure for the blackscour plague.

The party also met a fey called a grig, upon whom they made a good impression.

Blackscour, Part 3
Bugs, Plants & Cauldrons

The party met Vylari and Deston on the road. Vylari was very cordial, but Deston was rude and cowardly. After applying a poison to the party’s weapons, Iris left with Vylari and Deston.

A centipede was smashed.

2 assassin vines were pulled like weeds.

The party found Ulizimila’s hut, where strange wards encircled it. Inside an animated cauldron protected her long abandoned possessions.

In the hut, the party found the Soulspeaker, a morbid necklace which spoke the message: The Hollow has stood for too long. Its time is up.

A panicked Glynis left for Falcon’s Hollow.

Blackscour, Part 2
Beauty and the Beast

A villager informed the party that Glynis was banned by the village per Lady Cirthana, but that many villagers trust her over anyone else for healing.

The party me Glynis at her hut. Glynis talked about her mistrust of Laurel, her love of Sherrif Baleson, and her trust of Lady Cirthana, despite the cleric banning her from Falcon’s Hollow.

Party agreed to let Glynis join them in exchange for magic items; wand of elarge person, 2x cure light wounds potion, 2x cure moderate wounds potion, 1x bear’s endurance potion, 1x stoneskin potion.

A 16 hour hike on the road North-East brought the party to the sight of the owlbear’s attacks. Butch used his often misunderstood charm to calm a nervous Iris.

In what some would argue an overly complicated plan, the Knuckledrum brothers prepaired a trap for the feasting owlbear involving a bear trap, an extremely volatile goblin skull bomb, 50 feet of rope, and the ability of Butch to remain hidden like a snake in tall grass. ‘Twas the latter of these ingredients that was missing from this recipe for owlbear demise, as Butch’s gut oozing out from poor-fitting armor betrayed his position.

But chaos did not ensue, between some well placed spells and a expertly delivered scorpion-style kick by one enlarged Butch brought the beast to it’s knees in 3 rounds.

XP was awarded and wounds were healed.

Olfden Sewers
Mirwen's Adventure

High Priest Lissel sent Mirwen into the sewers in search of a missing relic, Sarenrae’s Beacon of True Faith.


Upon completing this task she had a meeting with Karlae Siegfrost and Luna Aldred. During the meeting they discussed the current problems the vale is facing, and what they are doing about them. Mirwen was then sent to Falcon’s Hollow to assist in these efforts.


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