Vylari, aka The Velvet Lady

Elf Diplomat


Beautiful and a skilled diplomat, this red haired elf is a powerful influence in Falcon’s Hollow, despite being a new resident. Although wealthy beyond anyone in the Hollow’s measure, she chooses to stay in the “suite” on the topmost floor of Jack’a’napes, the most slummy tavern in town.
She made fast friends with Marra, the tavern’s owner, and it’s been rumored they knew each other before she came to town.
Vylari has made efforts to invest in the lumber consortium, and while it is moving forward, Kreed is cautious about whoever invests, no matter how much they wish to invest. It’s no secret that the two have no love for each other, and Vylari’s unerring politeness and popularity in town make Kreed distrust her even more, but they both have a “play nice” policy, which if it weren’t for her large investment Kreed would not agree to.


Little is known about Vylari. She claims to hail from Mendov, from a noble family of elves in the metropolis city of Egede.

She came to Falcon’s Hollow just weeks ago, bringing with her great wealth.

Vylari, aka The Velvet Lady

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