Vamros Harg

Magistrate of Falcon's Hollow


The Halfling Vamros is the town’s magistrate, working out of the Hollow Tribunal, the town’s only government building. Providing the community with general public services, as well as presiding over disputes and prosecutions, Harg is known to be controlled by agents of the Lumber Consortium; his decisions are often made in support of the Consortium’s men and operations.

A stormy romantic relationship with one of Sherrif Baleson‘s deputies, the cantankerous and handsome Tabrik Splint, takes up most of Harg’s time away from work. Splint is unabashedly outspoken about Kreed‘s corruption and the need for a change in leadership, and Harg finds it increasingly difficult to protect his lover from his patron’s wrath.


Harg is a young and attractive failed barrister with a fondness for finery, and known to be in Kreed‘s pocket. Kreed put Harg in power with the understanding that he could remove the halfling just as easily at the first sign of disobedience. Harg doesn’t dare oppose Kreed directly, but his shame at his own cowardice leads him to try to nudge cases away from Kreed’s greedy eye and give people a fair shake when he can.Its believed that if he were ever to get enough support from folks not yet broken by Kreed’s regime, he might step up to the challenge and start doling out true justice.

Vamros Harg

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