Sharvaros Vade

Bitter Necromancer


Withered and unkempt human in his late forties, Sharvaros has seen better days. He spends all his time with his necromancy and alchemical experiments in his tower in the corner of Falcon’s Hollow with his oft-neglected son. Indeed, Sharvaros only pays his son heed when he needs the boy’s help in acquiring new research materials (in the form of dead bodies).


In his younger days, Sharvaros Vade served as a teacher and alchemist at the temple of Irori in Almas. Due to an untrue accusation of rape by a student of his, Sharvaros lost his teaching position and was forced to flee North in disgrace, into the frontiers of Andoran. Made bitter by his experience, he nonetheless found love once again in his eventual wife, Amele. Sharvaros’ was short lived, however, as Amele died only a year after giving him a son.

Distraught by his loss, Sharvaros through himself into necromantic research, seeking a way to revive his dead wife without putting trust into a servant of a god. The years passed, and Sharvaros became increasingly desperate, angry, and foul. With the not-so-gentle nudging of Thuldrin Kreed (to say nothing of the foul previous gavel), Sharvaros became a willing member and instigator of several foul schemes. A falling out with Kreed put Sharvaros on edge.

Sharvaros Vade

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