Pitborn bloodrager


Gifted with abyssal magic and cursed with a rage to match it, Mordrin is a vicious killer, a loyal companion, and a passionate lover all at once.


Originally sent to study the planes at the Darkfolk run academy in Dwimovel, Mordin found she had a better knack for killing than for scholarly interests. She stuck with her studies though because she fell madly in love with fellow student Content Not Found: ilvaria-asrinea, the first drow ever to be accepted into the academy.

Although the two became fast lovers, Ilvaria never shared Mordrin’s feelings of deep affection. Deep down Mordrin knew Ilvaria didn’t feel the same, but never knowing love in any real form before, she stuck by Ilvaria’s side without question.

When Ilvaria left the academy, she kept Mordrin at her side as her personal bodyguard where she stayed loyally until the great betrayal of Content Not Found: loscivia-asrinae in 3980 AR. Mordrin fought to protect her matron but Loscivia unleashed a curse, trapping her in an artifact for eternity.


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