Sultry, Sassy, and Independent Gnome Rogue


Marra is a strong willed rogue who after making her fortune bought the Jack’a’napes tavern, which she now runs quite successfully. She treats her employees very well, especially the women she’s taken in from hardships of all sorts.

She loves to brag that she can drink a dwarf under the table, and while she can drink an impressive amount for a little gnome she can’t yet seem to achieve this feat.

Being a former adventurer herself, Marra prides herself on being helpful to adventurers who come to Falcon’s Hollow. She even offers help (at a discounted price) to adventurers needing her talents.


Marra started as a street urchin in Almas. Running with a local gang of thieves she quickly gained fame as a highly skilled rogue. She went on many adventures, her greatest being a treasure delve in dwarven ruins in Droskar’s crag, were she had to fight off a drow slaver company almost single handedly, or so she claims.

Now she enjoys running her cheap bar/brothel. Life of the Madame suits her well, but she still longs for another grand adventure.


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