Sponsored by Vylari, Irirs was an Alchemist’s apprentice in Olfden but now has her own shop in Falcon’s Hollow’s high market.


Elven born, Iris was raised by humans when she was orphaned at age 3. Her parents, humble farmers living just North of Arthdell forest, loved her dearly.

Growing up on the farm she had far more interest in the alchemical properties of plants than actually farming them. In fact, she was fascinated by most things academic. Her parents encouraged this fascination and tried their best to help her pursue her dreams in alchemy. They had almost no money but they tried to get her what books they could. Eventually they knew they couldn’t sate her thirst for knowledge so when she was old enough, they spent the last of their money to send her to Olfden to study.

In Olfden however, she could not afford a proper education, so she joined an adventuring party to explore, gather ingredients, and grow in skill. In that party, she found that there was a rather large deficit of intellect. Without her brilliant mind the party would have had little or no success. This wore on her patience and when one of the party members eventually betrayed the party , she was done.

She managed to find work as an apprentice for the notable (and deplorable) alchemist Salazar Ruffin. He would never admit it, but her ideas and innovations made his already successful business soar. When not working for him, she was volunteering as an herbalist for the local temple of Sarenrae.

Ruffin was an abusive ass with too big an ego to see whether it was day or night, but his shop was the perfect place to hone her craft. Eventually that changed.

One dull afternoon, a gorgeous and elegant elf lady came into the shop. She had long flowing red hair, and was the most beautiful woman Iris had ever seen. She went straight to the counter where Iris stood, smiled and said “Hello, you must be Iris”
“I am, how can I help you?” Iris replied .
“I’ve heard you are quite familiar with the flora of the Vale, and a skilled adventurer.”
Iris was unsure where the lady might have heard that, but she was very proud of her talents and acknowledged just the same. The elf introduced herself as Lady Vylari, and she proceeded to ask Iris about her past experiences.

It was then that Ruffin came out from his back office and scolded Iris for not referring the lady to him instead.
“Well if I needed a conceited half-wit to sell me snake oil I would have asked for you darling.” Vylari told him. He huffed and stomped his feet but before he could say another word, Vylari waved her hand at him and said “I suggest you go stand in the corner and think hard about the way you treat others.”
And to Iris’ complete shock, Ruffin closed his mouth, walked to the corner and stood facing it like a reprimanded child. Iris and Vylari shared a laugh.
“Who are you?” Iris asked.
“I’m the Vale’s new best friend.”

After that, Vylari said she would be in touch and walked out. After a couple hours Ruffin came out of the corner, not willing to talk about, and by sundown was back to his snippy old self.

2 weeks went by before Iris received a letter, it read:
“Iris, flame-haired beauty and master alchemist,
I require a favor of you-to come to Falcon’s Hollow. I’ve arranged for you to have a shop of your very own in high market. It’s all been arranged. I ask that you leave immediately. Everything you need is on a cart at the Olfden stables in your name. Please take only the things that have personal value to you, I shall provide the rest. I look forward to seeing you succeed here in the Hollow.
You’re best friend,


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