Glynis, aka The Red Witch

Local Healer, potion vendor


Glynis has a small cottage on the outskirts of the Darkmoon Wood. She offers healing services to all, and she has been known to travel with adventurers and aid them.

She currently is in a peaceful feud with the leader of the Temple of Iomedae in Falcon’s Hollow. Since the temple’s openin Glynis has been banned from practicing witchcraft within the city limits, so she provides her services from home.

She has also claimed on numerous occasions that Laurel, her competition in town, is little more than a peddler of snake oil.


Glynis was born a Valer, and grew up in Falcon’s Hollow. Her father, Jasper, suffered under the yoke of the lumber consortium until he met her mother, Moira, a human witch living in the darkmoon wood. They fell in love and married. Jasper quit the lumber consortium and built them a cottage outside of the Hollow. When Glynis was born a year later they were the happiest either had ever been.

The joy would not last long though, as two years later, Jasper fell ill and died. This motivated Moira to dedicate her life to healing, and raise her daughter in the dark arts to do the same. When Glynis was eighteen, Moira left home to join a coven of hags and left the healing business to her daughter.

When Glynis was 24, she became pregnant with her daughter, Alice. No one in Falcon’s Hollow knew who the father was, and Glynis wouldn’t tell them. Of course rumors were abound and were as far fetched as Thuldrin Kreed being the father. Some say it was her dark Patron that did the deed. No one knows.

Glynis, aka The Red Witch

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