Victor Ghash Personal Quest part 1

Journey to Adamas

Once the party got back to the Hollow, Vic continued SouthWest to Fort Adamas on a personal quest.

During the day-long journey, he passed several waning farmsteads.

Once at the fort he ran into Tablic, who recognized Vic from Darkmoon Wood 2 days earlier. Tablic was kind to Vic, and got him an audience with Commander Odeber herself.

The Diamond regiment commander had a lot to tell Vic concerning his personal quest, but she also had information to share with him concerning the upcoming election of mayoral office in Falcon’s Hollow. Namely, she expressed concern over Laurel running and the lumber consortium backing her campaign. Odeber said that the consortium wouldn’t back anyone they don’t have in their pocket.

In light of this, Odeber and Tablic suggest a candidate they believe not only to be in the Hollow’s best interest, but someone they believe can win; Lady Vylari.They haven’t talked to her yet, but they were hoping that with Vic and his party’s help they can convince her to run. Odeber believes that the “support of those who cured blackscour will go a long way.”


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