The Stories We Tell Our Children, part 1

Ilvaria and Ezzereth brought Mordrin back to Jack’a’napes, while Mirwen and Fayah visited Iris. After wrapping their business with Iris, Vylari came in, and Irirs informed her that the special project was ready for testing.

Both Mirwen and Fayah took the mythic potion and survived. Then Vylari asked Fayah if she would accompany her to follow up with Kreed after she had broke the enchantment he was under the night before.

Mirwen returned to Jack’a’napes where she and Ezzereth gave Mordrin a brief history lesson on Andoran. After that, Mordrin wanted to walk around the Hollow and explore, so Mirwen and Ezzereth escorted her. While in the low market, Mirwen noticed they were being followed by the same man following them since Olfden. Upon mention it to her companions, Mordrin confronted him, making a scene. The man was Yahzu, catfolk monk from Mirwen’s past, looking to taker her back to Tian Xia or kill her honorably. Mirwen chose to face him, and a fight was set for dawn the next day, at the grotto of St. Elth.

At the Lumber Consortium headquarters, Vylari and Fayah questioned Kreed about Sarienne. He didn’t recall anything useful, but was fairly cooperative given his opposition to Vylari in the upcoming election.


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