The Lost Larkos


The party went to sheriff Baleson’s office, wherein they asked Vylari and Deston several questions. Both answered honestly, and the party learned that at least according to Deston, Kreed has been illegally selling lumber to Chelish spies. They also learned that Vylari had invested in the Consortium in hopes to lesson the hostility toward the fey of Darkmoon coming from the Lumber Consortium.

Vic saw Vylari speak to a soaking wet Marra and seem concerned afterward.

After praying to Serenrae, both Vic and Elra got the message to “keep Deston in the light,” so they accommodated and put light in his cell.

Butch followed Marra to her and Vylari’s room. He entered the room, found her naked, and after a couple drinks entered her as well. Author’s note: it was the best he ever had. After Marra fell asleep; author’s note: it was not the best she ever had. Once she fell asleep, Butch snooped through the room and found several notes on Kreed, Teedum, and several other names he did not recognize. He also found a map with several markings on it, including "hellgate?’ and “deep road entrance,” in addition to a list of names, including Kreed’s, with a possible connection to The Gifted Man. He then found the book “A Gifted Man Brings Gifts Galore” and an old book in Elven called “The Eternity Queen,” but when he touched it an alarm spell went off and awoke Marra. She confronted him. Looked under the blanket on the table and saw several exotic weapons before Marra darted him with a magical sleep poison.

As night fell, a glowing green mist emerged from the River Foam. As it crept into the Hollow, so did the screams of innocents. The Larkos family marched as rotten, shambeling Draugr, come to get revenge on creed. Butch awoke to the sound of the screams and came to the party’s aid. The fight took them into the high market where they defeated all the Larkos. Iris took a bad hit but was alive. Sheriff’s deputy Tarbik Splint went down and his condition is currently unknown.

Vic returned to the Tribunal. Deston was up against the bars of his cell wanting to know what happened. Vic started to explain when he noticed that Deston’s light had gone out. Before he can act, a fetchling assassin emerged from the shadows in Deston’s cell, and drove a dagger into his heart. The assassin stepped back into the shadows and vanished.


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