The Eternity Queen, part 1

The Diplomat and the Drow

After the Larkos draugr’s were defeated, Elra and Vic brought Tamlik home to get healed. Vamros was very greatful.

Vic told the party what he learned about his father, including the adventuring party that took down king Merlokrep 2 years ago.

When Butch returned to his bed, Vylari’s copy of “The Eternity Queen” sitting on it.

The following day Iris hired the party to escort her to Gold Falls Inn and back.

While there, the party met some fans of “The Eternity Queen” who told Butch they were on their way to Olfden to get a copy of the book’s sequel. Butch asked if they could bring him a copy and they gave him a resounding “maybe.”

While at the inn, a hobgoblin named Grick brought Iris her delivery, a portion of angel tears. Butch tried to get froggy with Grick, and looked like an ass.

The party returned and had lunch with Vylari, who revealed to them that she is in fact, Ilvaria. She then introduced them to Ezzereth, a bard who is a friend and ally of Vylari.

There is now 23 days left until the election.


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