Revenge of the Kobold King, part 1

The Debate

After spending 3 days earning some capital and setting up the new Sitting Duck Brewery, the party attended the town’s first mayoral debate. There, Vylari was winning the crowd until Mutters Kondland, a new cut yard taskmaster, stumbled into town bloody and barely alive. Vic healed him.

Mutters explained that the cut yard was attacked by kobolds and kobold zombies. Vylari then told the crowd that she could protect them better than Kreed can, and she sent the party to stop the attack. Kreed responded waging that no foreigner can protect the town better than he, so he sent Payday and some of his best goons to beat the party to the punch at protecting the cut yard.

The party was in the lead when they encountered a group of wargs and a troll, just a short distance before the cut yard. The party quickly dispatched all but one warg, who fled, saying Greypelt will hear of it.

The party then entered the cut yard, where they were ambushed by 6 zombie kobolds, 3 kobold rangers, a rot grub swarm, and the kobold druid Depnaakra and his 2 giant scorpion minions. Depnaakra told them he would bring them before king Merlokrep, willingly or in pieces if need be. The party chose to fight.


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