Home, part 2

Blood and Whispers

The party entered Marylebone Manor. Inside they found remains of dead children, eaten by human mouths, and other ghastly signs of the home’s horrific past. Once all were inside the place shut itself up, trapping all within. They found a partial journal entry from an adventuring party who feared they wouldn’t make it out, saying “we are in hell” over and over. Then the party was attacked by attic whisperers.

While Butch, Sneed, Vic and the eidolon fought the attic whisperers, Elra and Glynis were lured to the basement. Once inside the basement door shut. One moment they were in total darkness. The next moment they were standing in the low market of the hollow as blood rained down upon them. There were mutilated bodies everywhere. To the north, the mountains were glowing with fire as flaming rocks showered down around them. They heard a woman’s voice singing, and they followed the voice into Jack’a’napes, wherein flayed bodies hung nailed to the walls. Atop the bar counter, a drow sat, singing gleefully, occasionally sipping blood from a skull goblet. Thunder cracked, and they were back in the basement which was filling rapidly with blood. Just as it filled the rest of the group smashed open the hatch and pulled them out.

The attic whisperers left Sneed fatigued, and Butch exhausted. They desperately needed rest, so they slept an hour, then continued upstairs.

Upstairs they found more disturbing clues to the haunt. Vic saw a glimpse of a frightened woman as 5 children were about to murder her. They asked Glynis to open up communication with the haunt. When she did, the haunt told the party it was “invited here long ago by the broken, the frightened, the lost,” and that this place is its home. The haunt then took the form of 3 wights the party dispatched without major losses.


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