Home, part 1

After learning that some kids were frightened by “ghost children” at the long abandoned Marylebone manor, the party decided they would investigate.

They sought aid from Glynis, who was happy to help. She also had a magical weapon, a +1 Kukri of blood letting she was willing to trade to Butch for some livestock.

Preferring to take the path of greater resistance, Butch chose to fight a farmer for the livestock, get caught cheating, and still lose. Humbled only slightly, Butch bought the livestock, and paid the farmer’s tab at Jack’a’napes.

So at first light the following day, the party and Glynis set out for Marylebone manor. In the front courtyard, they faced 8 Jack’o’lanterns, defeated them without casualty.Jack-orsquo-Lantern.png


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