Evil's Soft First Touches, part 2

The Necromantic Tower


After meeting Vic and Ingrid at Jack’a’napes, the party brought to Vylari‘s attention the town’s need for a good mayoral candidate. Ingrid chimed in and agreed.

Vylari and the party then went to the tower in high town to speak with Sharvaros Vade. In the tower, they discovered a Hungry Flesh ooze and broke out out and devoured Sharvaros’ son.

Eventually they made their way to the top of the tower, in which, Vade’s zombie bride was tethered to the wall. When asked, Vade said he only tried to bring his wife, Amele, back. When Vylari asked him what went wrong, Vade explained that once revived, she couldn’t stop the prophecies, prophecies specifically about “the Gate opening” and “the Hollow burning.”

Vylari approached the corpse. She said “Why are you hiding?” and the corpse jumped to life. In a gurgled voice the zombie said “Hello, Ilvaria! Look at you, still meddling, thinking you can stop it!”
“I will not let the Gate open!” she responded with resolve.
“Just like you wouldn’t let Elam go either” With that, Vylari lost her composure and blasted the head off the zombie.

Butch asked Vade who helped him. Vade replied “I never caught his name, he just gave me the spells and promised I would see her again.”

She helped Vade to his feet and walked him to the stairs. A wraith began to materialize. Vylari shouted that she’s gonna get Vade to safety. Butch decided that was the time to try to read Vade’s spellbook andgot himself cursed.

Realizing their weapons were useless against the incorporeal undead, the party started lighting everything on fire, hoping to expose the wraith to direct sunlight. After about a minute of hot-fire-foolery, Vylari showed up and rescued them. Butch, in a bizarre mixture of bravery and stupidity, decided to leap from the top floor to the second floor and broke his leg.

Once everyone was safely outside the burning tower, Vylari levitated a nearby water tower and dumped it on the flames. Elra then shouted to the onlooking crowd, Vylari for mayor!

Ingrid removed Butch’s curse, while Iris patched him up.


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