Evil's Soft First Touches, part 1

Enter the Drow

Upon arriving in town, the party saw flyers for Laurel’s run for mayor and wanted posters for a drow and a catfolk. The Lumber Consortium put a bounty of 2,000gp for info on the whereabouts of the drow, 1,000 for the catfolk.

The party brought the ingredients to Glynis, who promptly made a cure. While she did, she told the party of her suspicions that the hag Ulizimila is preparing to make a move against the Hollow. She also told them that she was part of an adventuring party
that slew the kobold king Merlokrep 2 years ago. While on that quest she found one of the missing dwarven altar gems, which she gave to the party.

The party brought the cure to Lady Cirthana of the temple of Iomedae. As promised, she offered them all the temple’s gold as a reward. She also gave them a chest of items. The party generously refused the gold, but took the items.

Then it was off to see Sheriff Baleson and get the reward for the owlbear. He paid them less than promised, even after the Knuckledrum brothers refused, saying “I’m in no one’s pocket.” The sheriff then updated them that 4 burnt corpses had washed ashore, each one disappearing the night after. They also discussed the mayoral election.

The party then went to Jack’a’napes for a well earned drink. Inside, Janice brushed off the drunken advances of Deston. When Janice left, Deston followed. Sensing trouble, the party then went after him. In a dark alley in the pouring rain, a woman cried out for help. The party rounded a corner and saw him with his hand on a woman’s throat and then, darkness. Magical darkness surrounded the area. Elra drew the wand of light and when she dispelled it, they saw the woman, unconscious, and a few feet away stood the drow with a limp, levitating Deston. She gripped him by the ankle, smiled at the party, and levitated onto the nearest rooftop. In an instant she was gone.

They brought the girl who turned out not to be Janice, to Jack’a’napes whereMarra and Baleson took care of her and made a full report.

The next morning, the party received a note from the Velvet Lady, saying to meet her there at 10am, and together they would go speak with Sharvaros Vade, the local necromancer about the strange goings on.

In the meantime, the party went shopping at the Goose’n’Gander. While there, Elra saw Deston stumbling into town and get arrested by the sheriff’s deputies. She went to the Tribunal Hall to inquire further.

Deston was a scared wreck. He claimed that the drow never asked him a single question and in the morning simply let him go. Deston knew that Kreed would not believe this, and kill him for talking. He begged for protection until Baleson locked him up.

Baleson then told Elra about how today was the anniversary of the Larkos family deaths, and a suspicious man might think that the charred bodies were a sign of them returning to exact revenge.

Meanwhile, the Kuckledrum brothers went to the high market with Vylari who got them access. Sneed went to the blacksmith to get his crossbow upgraded, while Butch went to look at books at the Red Maiden Apothecary. There, he overeheard 3 elven phrases in a private conversation between Iris and Vylari. He then found 2 demonic books. The first, in abyssal, a tome of specific demon names and historical encounters with them. The second, a book written in Infernal titled “The Gifted Man Brings Gifts Galore.” The book had a peculiar cover, soft blue with a picture of a beautiful stream with a man standing by it. Inside, all the pages were blank, with the exception of a limerick on the first page:
“His smile fresh as spring as towards him he draws you,
His Tongue sharp and silvery, as he implores you,
Your wishes he grants as he swears to adore you,
Gold, silver, jewels he lays riches before you,
Dues need be repaid and he will come for you,
He’ll snare you in bonds eyes glowing afire
To gore and torment you ’til the stars expire.”
As he read it, Butch felt a great fear come over him. Vylari closed the book and cast a spell putting him at ease.


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