Blackscour part 5

Droskar's Crucible


The party entered Droskar’s crucible.

They explored the courtyard and found the remains of an adventuring party but no specific details of their demise. Also found a tunnel at the base of the well.

They discovered several reptilian tracks going in and out of the ruins.

Found an altar to Torag with 5 empty gem-shaped slots. Also acquired 2 dwarven artifacts, silver light hammer with holy symbol of Droskar and tome of “Hymns to Torag.”


So the empty slots on the altar have me thinking that the 5 missing gems, or information regarding their whereabouts, are somewhere to be found in or around the Crucible. Perhaps even in the large antechamber at the bottom of the well. I GUESS WE’LL SEE NEXT WEEK.

Blackscour part 5
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