Blackscour, Part 2

Beauty and the Beast

A villager informed the party that Glynis was banned by the village per Lady Cirthana, but that many villagers trust her over anyone else for healing.

The party me Glynis at her hut. Glynis talked about her mistrust of Laurel, her love of Sherrif Baleson, and her trust of Lady Cirthana, despite the cleric banning her from Falcon’s Hollow.

Party agreed to let Glynis join them in exchange for magic items; wand of elarge person, 2x cure light wounds potion, 2x cure moderate wounds potion, 1x bear’s endurance potion, 1x stoneskin potion.

A 16 hour hike on the road North-East brought the party to the sight of the owlbear’s attacks. Butch used his often misunderstood charm to calm a nervous Iris.

In what some would argue an overly complicated plan, the Knuckledrum brothers prepaired a trap for the feasting owlbear involving a bear trap, an extremely volatile goblin skull bomb, 50 feet of rope, and the ability of Butch to remain hidden like a snake in tall grass. ‘Twas the latter of these ingredients that was missing from this recipe for owlbear demise, as Butch’s gut oozing out from poor-fitting armor betrayed his position.

But chaos did not ensue, between some well placed spells and a expertly delivered scorpion-style kick by one enlarged Butch brought the beast to it’s knees in 3 rounds.

XP was awarded and wounds were healed.


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