Blackscour, Last Chapter


The part encountered Greypelt, alongside a dire wolf and 2 kobolds. They managed to defeat him, and he fled into the mountains via underground tunnels, which surface at Droskar’s Crucible.

Victor acquired an ancient dwarven prayer book, and scrawled inside the cover “Torag is no longer worthy of our devotion, only Droskar can deliver us from the failings of King Garbold.” Local dwarven historian and accomplished drunk Butch Knuckledrum is unfamiliar with King Garbold.

Also found was 1 of the 5 gemstones from Torag’s altar. When placed in its slot, the gem glowed and a wave of positive energy burst forth from the altar.

The party met Gurtlekep, who told them that Greypelt was on loan from the Shadow Pack, to train forest creatures to be war beasts for King Merlokrep’s army.


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